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Air Leakage Repair in Solon, IA

Are you tired of wasting energy? Air leakage through your ducts can result in significant energy loss, which means you may be overpaying monthly for no good reason. But by locating and fixing air leaks, our team can save you money in the long run.

Thorough, Efficient Service

At E&J Geothermal, Inc, our air leakage repair services are designed to help you avoid the expense associated with wasted energy. When you choose us, you’ll benefit from our solid work ethic and detailed approach to all we do. We’ll take the time to examine your duct system for holes and then work to offer you timely, effective repairs. It’s all part of our pledge to serve our customers’ needs.

Ready to lower your utility bills while making your space a more comfortable place to be? Call today for an estimate and see how air duct sealing can benefit you.


Contact Your York®

Dealer Today or Call 319-382-0101

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